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Corporate Social Responsibility


The protection of our employees, the public, and the environment are top priorities in the management and operation of Energen’s assets. Our employees strive to comply with all applicable state and federal safety and health standards, laws, and regulations.

Management leadership and active employee participation in Energen’s safety program are vital to the overall success of our safety efforts.

Energen’s safety program begins with engaged employees committed to their personal safety and to the safety of co-workers and the public. This commitment is reflected by the following “leading” and “lagging” indicators:

  • Safety and environmental training and compliance monitoring to ensure promotion of a vigorous safety culture supported by management through employee involvement
  • Active Safety Committee involvement from all operational levels
    • Suggestions for improvements to the overall safety program
    • Review of vehicle and personnel incidents to provide recommendations for prevention
    • Safety and environmental audits at operational locations
    • Audit and implementation of Energen’s Hazard Communication program at operational locations
  • Executive level involvement in Energen’s Safety Task Force, which meets quarterly to discuss health and safety goals and improvements.
Another important aspect of Energen’s safety program is being a good neighbor and providing information to help the public identify and/or avoid potentially dangerous conditions or activities near our operations, pipelines, and well sites.

The following safety information contains educational material, guidance for digging around pipelines, and contact information should you suspect a problem or emergency related to any operations near you.

Energen safety information