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Mary Jane Krogsgard

Mary Jane Krogsgard
Supervisor, Finance Accounting and Cash

Energen has a very positive reputation in Birmingham.  I wanted to work for a company that values its employees and encourages them to grow within the company.
The thing I love about my job is the people. Everyone is super friendly and easy to work with. There is also focus on work life balance, which is something that appeals to me.
My most memorable experience working at Energen is the company’s response to employees impacted by the April 2011 storms in Alabama. Energen employees raised money to give to co-workers in need, and the company matched the total amount contributed.  I was very impressed by everyone’s willingness to give and help.

The culture at Energen is friendly and honorable.  When you get on the elevator, people want to talk to you. There is the feeling within the company that you are valued and important no matter what your level.  I also feel like the employees and leaders at Energen are honest, generous and considerate people who treat one another as they would want to be treated.

I juggle having a career and a satisfying personal life by keeping my priorities in check. I know what is most important to me, and I try to live each day with that in mind.  My department is very good about working as a team so that not one person has to sacrifice his or her personal life for work.

Important attributes that might be helpful for someone interested in working at Energen are willingness to learn, works well in a team environment and willing to help others.